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Photo credits:  Blair Mezibov / Richard James

Drawing on 30 years experience of designing and producing quality skiwear, Paul Goldstein launched E+O skiwear in 2007. From the outset E+O was going to be different. ENGINEERED+OPULENT, EDGY+ORIGINAL, ENGLISH+OUTSPOKEN - any preconceptions of what a brand should or should not be were gone. E+O had a clean slate to be different and start afresh.

The styling was influenced by what had always driven Paul to previous successes. Skiwear that was flattering to wear, comfortable, luxurious and with a strong technical backbone. In three short years E+O established itself in key markets world wide. It received critical acclaim from consumers and media alike as well as achieving some notable product placements. In 2010, after 30 plus years in the industry, Paul Goldstein sold the licence to make E+O skiwear to a Far Eastern conglomerate

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