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Photo credits:  Ian Barr

During an illustrious skiing career, culminating in winning 3 gold medals at the ’68 winter Olympics, Jean-Claude Killy established himself as the alpine skier of his generation. Following his skiing career he launched Killy skiwear in 1975.

Paul Goldstein, founder and Chairman of Nevica Technical Sportsystem Ltd., took on the licence to design and manufacture Killy skiwear in 1993, at a low point in the brands history. In 14 years he brought it to the peak of the skiwear industry. Always true to its ski heritage, the Killy name became synonymous with style, a superb fit and excellent quality.

Paul Goldstein ended his association with the KIlly brand at the end of 2006 leaving it as a strong, respected name with a broad product base and extensive world-wide distribution.

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