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Photo credits:  Mats Lindgren / Ian Barr / Mark Junak / Felix St Clair

Nevica Ltd. was founded by Paul Goldstein in 1978. After several years spent distributing European skiwear brands in the UK he decided, in 1980, to launch his own ski clothing line under the name NEVICA.

The Nevica name developed rapidly into an international brand leader. Paul Goldstein had identified a gap in the market for skiwear that was both technical, tailored to fit and colourful. From the mid eighties through to the early nineties Nevica was the benchmark brand and international market leader. It was the first to extensively use fluorescent fabrics (taking it to the extreme), first to introduce many technical innovations which later became standard features across the industry, was the leader in the use of waterproof / ultra breathable fabrics and the first skiwear brand to use Recco throughout its collection.

Nevica skiwear successfully married lightweight performance fabrics, technical insulation and lining systems with a design ethos that was perfect for skiing. It led the way and brought colour, fun and comfort to skiers on the slopes. At its peak Nevica was distributed world wide in 32 countries and produced 400,000 ski suits a year. In 2010 the Nevica brand name was sold to Sports Direct retailing group.

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